Die Joe Boo

I keep hearing people in Japan say something that sounds like “Die Joe Boo”, except all together as one word like “DieJoeBoo”.

I don’t know what it means, but apparently it’s useful, so I want to figure it out.

But rather than try to google it (lame) I want to try to learn it from a random Japanese person.

Later, I’m sitting on a bench next to two Japanese girls chatting away, and I remember - DieJoeBoo.

So I ask them if they speak English - they say just a little - so I ask them:

“This word, DieJoeBoo, what does it mean?”

They are instantly confused.

I repeat the word a few times, trying different pronunciations. They are trying to understand me, and they keep repeating my words back to me in a confused tone.

Did I remember the word wrong? I bust out Google Translate and convey this message:

“I think that’s a Japanese word I keep hearing people say. Do you know what it means?”

They read the translation but their faces show they’re still baffled. I don’t think we’re going to figure this out, but they’re going back and forth trying to put together a response in their translator.

I type another message into the translator: “It’s ok, don’t worry about it”

The translation processes, and suddenly I see it - Daijobu! So it means “It’s OK”!

I show the girls and suddenly everything makes sense. They start saying “Aaah Daijobu, Daijobu”

And I just laugh, because I swear I’ve been saying it 99% similar to them.

I might send a newsletter sometime.