Disqualifying yourself

Someone I know (certainly not me) is often tempted to disqualify himself. To preface his best attempts with a “hey, I’m not that great, so don’t expect too much”. It gives him some comfort, relieves the performance anxiety.

Maybe he should cut it out.

He plays it like he’s just being honest and humble. Does anyone really appreciate it though? Does he benefit anyone with his show of modesty?

Probably not benefitting himself. The problem is, no matter how good he actually is, he would never let himself see it. He believes his own bullshit. Every time he disqualifies himself, his own self-image sinks a little bit more.

But what about benefitting others? Is his humility a noble sacrifice? Does he lowers himself to raise up those around him? Quite the opposite. He merely lets himself off the hook, and in doing so lets down the world.

He think he’s special. Specially bad. But he’s probably just in some acceptably average range, along with almost everyone else.

So why does he disqualify himself? His best effort will probably result in something in the range of acceptable quality. Is “acceptable” not acceptable to him? Is he a fool? He calls it high standards.

It’s a fear of being seen as a failure, disguised as humility. It’s disingenuous. “You can’t call me a failure if I do it first.”

Fuck that shit. Cowardice. Nobody wants his fake modesty. Everyone just wants him to step up. They don’t care that he’s not perfect, or the best of the best. They’d rather see him earnestly try, even if he fails sometimes.

He’s studying to be a surgeon btw.

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