Getting ahead of the curve

Ahead of the curve

As soon as I finish work, I’m in a race against time.

I need to write my article and publish it as soon as possible.

The later it gets, the less people will see it.

But try as I might, I almost never get it done until late night.

I’m almost on Pacific Time, so most of the world is already asleep.

It stresses me out. Today I noticed that my blog post was taking longer than I expected to finish, and I still had other things I wanted to do while it was still light out.

I cursed the damn shortage of time. It’s been like this every night this week.

It really pissed me off today.

Then a simple idea came to me.

“Instead of writing today’s article at night and then having to publish it tonight, write tomorrow’s article tonight and publish it whenever you want, tomorrow.”

In order to do that, I’ll need to stay just one day ahead of the curve.

This has the added bonus of giving me a grace period - if I fail to write tomorrow’s article today, I’ll still at least have today’s article which I wrote yesterday.

Then I’ll just need to get back ahead of the curve as quickly as possible.

Does it make sense?

Sorry if I’m not being coherent, I had to write 2 articles today and I’m a little burnt out.

But at least now I’m ahead of the curve.

I might send a newsletter sometime.