Going to Japan on Friday

I’m going to Japan on Friday

One month, partly in Tokyo and partly who knows where.

I’m taking one backpack, my faithful Tom Binh Tri-Star.

I was halfway out of the country by the time it arrived, rush delivery from Ebay.

Its previous owner put a dozen miles on it, I’ve put thousands.

It’s big but it looks like a personal item, so I haven’t paid an $80 carry-on fee in years. Up yours, Spirit.

But it’s just one bag, and space is at a premium. For this trip I make a sacrifice - leave the big boots at home, bring the fancy camera.

This trip to Japan is going to be photo-heavy.

Capture the sights, travel blog every day.

Just don’t let it become a chore - you’re gonna be in Japan!

I might send a newsletter sometime.