Halfway-through book reviews

Would you trust a book review from someone who has only read the book halfway through?

In my experience, my opinion of a book halfway through is no less important than my opinion after reading it to completion.

It may even be more important – if I’m not excited about it halfway through, I’m probably not going to finish it at all.

Even a slow-burner should have you hooked by the mid point. If it hasn’t yet, it’s probably not going to change.

From a selfish perspective, my own motivation to review a book is higher at the midway point than at the end. So if I excuse myself for writing halfway-through reviews, I’ll end up writing more reviews, which is a good thing.

And let’s be honest, many reviews are already halfway-through reviews in disguise.

I’ll publish my first halfway-through review tomorrow.

I might send a newsletter sometime.