In 100 meters, you will die

As I round the corner, the path before me feels significant.

100 meters of sidewalk, straight as an arrow, ending in a stop sign. The path is so supernaturally straight that my vision distorts, as if my eyes are slowly zooming out.

A random thought bubbles up: “When you reach the end of this path, you’re going to die.”

Oh really?


Alright, if you say so. Nice to have some warning at least.

My legs carry me along with a steady rhythm. They won’t stop or slow down. Death waits for no one.

90 meters left.

I look around, thinking about something or other…

“Hey, snap out of it. Your life is ending.”

Oops, thanks. Those thoughts are pointless now. I should make the most of my last moments.

80 meters left.

It’s perfect out.

The leaves on the trees are emerald green. No matter how many times I’ve seen that green, it still impresses me. The leaves shimmer under the soft breeze, catching the sunlight at different angles.

I pass under the trees one by one, enjoying the dappled shadows.

60 meters left.

This is nice. I guess this is pretty much the best thing I could do with my last moments, right? Being present, enjoying the moment… but is that all? Is there anything else I should be doing? Surely there could be something…

“You’re worrying again. Aren’t you tired of doing that?”

40 meters.

Already passed the halfway point. Feels like just a second ago I was at the start…

Well… I guess it was literally seconds ago.

What am I doing right now? Being sentimental? I’m not really going to die.

“You will.”

30 meters.

It’s getting pretty close now. How do I want to end this?

I think I’d like to be at peace. To look back at it all and think “I lived a good life.”

And then after that, to go with an empty mind, no thoughts, no regrets, no disturbances.

20 meters.

10 meters.

But there was that one thing I always wanted to do but I never did…

“Just awful timing.”

0 meters.

I shut my eyes for a few seconds, simulating my imaginary death.

“Can’t believe you actually did all that, you’re so weird. You’re going to write about this in your blog, aren’t you? People are going to think you’re crazy.”

That’s ok, it was just a bit of fun.

I might send a newsletter sometime.