Lost and Found

How is it that finding something you thought you’d lost is one of the best feelings in life?

I’m pretty sure the rush of relief and happiness when I find my lost wallet or phone or whatever is nearly unmatched.

Last night I was out with some friends at a club, and my brand new jacket disappeared from my locker.

We searched everywhere, checked lost and found multiple times, but couldn’t find it.

We gave up and went outside into the cold, heading home shivering and frustrated.

But just around the corner from the club, we stopped for some 3am ramen.

After we ate, I thought, “The club is closing up, maybe one of the staff found it. Worth checking one more time.”

We went back in and there it was! I put on my jacket and that thing felt so warm and cozy in that moment. I jumped in the air, hugged my friends, and did a little happy dance.

I love when the things I lose come back.

I might send a newsletter sometime.