Meditating on the gaps

I started paying attention to the “gaps” in my day. Waiting for my food to arrive. Waiting for a file to download. Taking a bathroom break.

These are gaps - spaces between what I was doing and what I want to do. I’ve gotten into the habit of filling these gaps. I do it quickly, without thinking. The excuse is that I’m using time efficiently. I’m usually not.

In a life spent mostly rushing from one task to the next, those gaps are precious. A chance to slow down and truly rest, even if just for a moment.

Now I do a sort of meditation. It’s not a formal thing. It’s not a productivity hack - “Trying to meditate but can’t find the time?? Squeeze in a 3 minute session while you’re on the pot?!” No, not like that.

I just take a moment to notice I’m in a gap. I acknowledge what is happening around the gap.

“I’m waiting for food. I have nothing urgent to attend to in this moment. I’m holding my phone, the impulse is to check it, but I couldn’t actually say what I’m looking for. I can put it down. My breathing is a bit shallow. Let me slow it down a bit. Relax my shoulders. It’s a nice day, I’m feeling comfortable. Appreciate the moment.”

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