Men should never complain

I had a fight with my brother a few days ago.

He was complaining about something, and I told him I thought it was pathetic.

He told me to shut the fuck up.

I get it though, he’s 18 years old. Kids complain a lot. It’s one of their only options for making something happen. Complain and hope that the adults change it.

But once you’re a man, you should really just stop complaining. If you ever catch yourself complaining, you should stop and make a mental note not to do that. This way you’ll eventually program yourself so that complaining doesn’t come naturally to you.

Even if there’s some cosmic injustice outside of your control that really fucked you over, keep your complaining in check.

If I see a man complaining to his wife or girlfriend, I am repulsed. He’s acting like a child, hoping that if he complain enough his mommy will fix everything. Weakness and immaturity - not good qualities in any man.

If he’s unsatisfied with something in his life situation, his only good options are to change the situation or accept it. He might feel that he’s supressing himself, and still complaining internally.

To that, I say that complaining internally is understandable, whereas complaining out loud is pathetic. But he should also try turn his internal complaints into true acceptance.

He can do this by remembering the obvious truth that every life has good and bad, and so it makes no sense to complain about the presence of bad things, just as it makes no sense to complain that the sky is blue.

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