Reframe Your Brain Review

I’m over halfway through Scott Adam’s new book “Reframe Your Brain” and it’s already one of my favorite books on personal development.

The rate of “aha” moments per page is high. I’m highlighting so much that I might as well just dip the book in yellow paint and get it over with.

It is graciously not one of those fluffy books that pad out a single simple concept into 300 pages. It’s concise. I love that.

Reframe jumps around a bunch of topics that are of intense interest to me, and probably to most people. Universal concerns like money, relationships, happiness.

Scott Adams speaks frankly on topics that most writers treat delicately. It sometimes feels like you’re having a private conversation with a friend, dropping the bullshit, and saying it like it is. It’s a pleasure to read.

Even when the book dives into specific topics that aren’t particularly relevant to me (yet), I still enjoy the setup and payoff of replacing a “usual frame” with a better “reframe”. Everyone likes a good before/after.

Before reading this book, I was already convinced of the magic power of reframes. I had a small arsenal of my own, which was slowly growing as I randomly bumped into good ones in my day to day life.

Finding this book is like bumping into a treasure chest full of “good ones” that someone else did the hard work of finding and polishing.

I expect I’ll be coming back to this trove many times.

I might send a newsletter sometime.