Rush Job

So as I write this I’m eating some food and rushing to get out the door because I made a plan with some friends to meet up for a night out in Tokyo.

I actually already got ready and walked out the hotel before I realized that I was intentionally skipping my writing for today, and I don’t want to do that, so I turned around and went back in.

Told my friends I would be a little late and came back to do my post and also eat someting real quick.

I’m actually talking as I’m eating and using Superwhisper to transcribe it so today’s post is particular isn’t carefully crafted. It’s a rush job - but it keeps the commitment I made to publish a post every day!

I’m publishing it even if it is kind of crappy (crunching)*

*(crunching) is part of the original transcription. The sandwich was good.

I might send a newsletter sometime.