Starting a dopamine detox

For the past couple weeks I’ve been slowly slipping into more dopamine-binging habits. It got worse after arriving in Japan, probably because I’m more isolated now.

Over the weekend, it reached an unacceptable level, with me stuck all day in bed watching random bullshit. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to come spend time in Japan, and this is not what I came for.

My “get your shit together” instinct has kicked in and I’ve made a plan for getting my shit back together.

It’s a heavy duty 4 week plan - total abstinence from digital distractions like video games, Reddit, Youtube, dating apps, and really any other infinite content engine.

Just 2 caveats - I’m allowing myself to post on twitter and instagram and reply to people’s comments on my posts. But that’s it.

I’m going to use my own dopamine detox app, Dopamindy. I made it months ago but abandoned it because I didn’t need it myself at the time.

Luckily, since I have it hosted for free, it’s just sitting there waiting for me to come back and use it in a time of need!

(It’s 100% free to use btw, so feel free to try it: )

So here we go! Time to get my shit back together.

I might send a newsletter sometime.